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Here are some great astrology books for the novice and the serious  astrologer. Whether you need a good book to read by the fire, or a book for your reference library, the following books are some are  of the best.


The Divine Science by Isabel Hickey  is the classic in spiritual astrology. Even if you don't intend to be an astrologer, you should have this in your collection.


Astrology Psychology and the Four Elements by Steven Arroyo is a food for thought book.


Karmic Astrology: The Moon's Nodes & Reincarnation by Martin Schulman


Sun Signs by Linda Goodman This is the most popular sun sign book around, and has been for many years.


If you would like to start reading  charts browse through this section.

The Complete Idiots Guide to Astrology - you don't have to be an  idiot to get a lot out of this book. Their style is very entertaining and they bring astrology down to earth. If you like humor, you will enjoy this book.


Astrology for Dummies is another great humor filled book, and it includes a small ephemeris.


The Rulership Book by Rex Bills has been a favorite astrology keyword book for years.   

The Astrological Thesaurus by Michael Munkasey is another great keyword book written especially for houses. A must if you are doing horary astrology.


Sabian Symbols Marc Edmund Jones is a must for someone who likes symbols. It assigns a symbol and it's interpretation to every sign of the zodiac. If you are doing a chart for twins this may be the key to explaining their different personalities.

other books

Astrology for the Millions - Grant Lewi

Anything by Joseph Goodavache

A-Z Horoscope Maker George Lewellyn

This book list is just the start. There are many topics in astrology and many types of astrology - natal, horoscope, forecast, newspaper, horary, weather, economic, stock market, mundane, and medical. The books I have listed will get you started, however if you are serious about astrology, you should study many other subjects such as history, psychology, math, and meteorology, and then read at least 1,000 charts to get a feel for it.


The House Connection by Karen Hamaker-Zonag Any of Karen's books are informative and a great read.


The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas, Howard Sasportas was a well-known and respected astrologer. You will go back to this book often.


The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo will help with the progressed chart interpretation.


Planets in Transit Robert Hand is a must to find out what is going on in our life and how future transits will affect you.


This is a book to read slowly and thoughtfully -- The astrological Houses - Dane Rudhyar


The Art of Chart Interpretation: Some great pointers by Tracy Marks


The Astrologer's Handbook: Beginners by Frances Sakoian/Louis S. Acker covers everything covers everything you need to now about astrology, planets, signs, houses, transits, progressions and much more.



New A-Z  Horoscope Maker and Delineator by Llewellyn George will answer just about any astrology question. This is like having a mini astrological encyclopedia.


The Astrolabe World Ephemeris is a must for every serious astrologer, metaphysicians, and those practicing the magical arts.