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The Moon rules our daily activities. The Moon does not come along and cause major events in our lives, or our world. The Moon does not cause an earthquake or a volcano eruption, but it may tip the scales and help the other planets to do something big. In astrology, when we have been following the planets and wondering when something will happen, we look to see if Mars or the Moon will soon trigger the transit.

Most of us are familiar with the major phases of the Moon, the New Moon and the Full Moon. A New Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are together in the same sign. The Moon is on the side of the earth closest to the Sun and blocks out the light of the Sun so that the Moon appears dark. During a Full Moon, the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, and we the Moon looks big and bright. The light that we see is the light of the Sun bouncing off the Moon. Think of the Sun as a big flashlight shining on the Moon and that is what we see.

New Moon

At the New Moon, the light and energy from the Sun is not radiated out from the Moon and things are dark and hidden. If we are out at night things are harder to see, and we tread carefully. However, the lack of light is about to change. For the next 14 days the Moon will start to grow and increase in light. The New Moon, is a solar connection. That is where the term Solar Eclipse comes from.

Because the Moon is about to increase in size, this is the time to start new projects and have new adventures; it is a time of activity.

Full Moon

The Moon is now radiating out the full light of the Sun, and the Full Moon is as bright as it can be.  For a few days we are able to go about with confidence and see everything with full awareness, but soon it will start to decrease in size and light. The time just before the Full Moon is considered very powerful, but afterwards the power is waning. The Full Moon is a lunar power time, and a Full Moon Eclipse is called a Lunar Eclipse.

After the Full Moon, the Moon begins to decrease in size, losing its power. This is why it is not a good time to start new projects. The Moon which rules our daily activities is not able to help them increase and grow. This is a time to share the knowledge that you have learned, to enjoy the fruits of your labors, or release what does not work; it is a time of quiet, inner work and meditation.

If you have never worked with the Sun or Moon before don't worry that you won't do the right thing. You don't need to do  elaborate rituals or visualizations. All you have to do is have the intention to work with the Sun or Moon and think of what you would like to accomplish and do things at the right time.


There are two other phases of the Moon. The first quarter and the last quarter.

The first quarter is the time that is halfway between the New and Full Moon. It is a stopping point, a time to look at what you're doing and see if any adjustments need to be made. It's kind of a point-of-no-return. You have to make a decision to keep doing what you're doing, and there's no turning back. That is why many astrologers say this is a time of clinging to the past. It's not easy to go ahead into the unknown and leave the comfort of the past, even if it wasn't that great. Often what we know feels so much safer. The excitement of the new thing has worn off. This is the testing time. Will you keep going forward?

The last quarter is a letting go period. You look back at what you've done, and realize that you've done as much as you can. It's time to regroup and see where you want to go next. Now you decide if you want to totally change, or take what you've been doing to a new level. You're ready to make new plans. During the next week, it's best to go within, contact your subconscious, and let intuition guide you forward.

Moon through the Signs - Activities

In a 28-day period from New to Full to New once again, the Moon goes through all twelve signs of the zodiac. These signs tell what the focus will be while the Moon is in a certain sign. Also note the phase of the Moon, whether it is new or full.

If you have your chart, notice the house the Moon is traveling through. The things that are related to the house will be prominent while the Moon is in that house. To go a step further, consider the phase of the Moon. If the Moon is new and traveling through your first house, this is a time to start new project just for you. If it is a Full Moon, it is time to let go of thing related to you, such as extra weight. Go to my page on houses to find out what each house means.

Following is a list of the meaning of the signs. This will help you show you what is happening on a daily basis and help plan your activities.

During the New Moon it is time to build the qualities of the signs, to do physical, external things related to them, and in relationships with other people. It is a time of new projects and new adventures.

In the Full Moon it is time to work on them on an internal level, through such things meditation, visualization, journaling, prayer, affirmations, or hypnosis. It is time to do a review and let go of the qualities that don't work and are not for your highest good.

* Aries - independence, leadership, vitality, energizing, forging ahead, athletics, strength, impatience, impulsiveness, anger, over-assertion. Physical things rams, armor and weapons, badges, knives, doors, entrances, rubies, sapphires.

New Moon - start new projects, look for new ventures, and adventures, build independence, blaze trails

Full Moon - let go of impulsiveness, anger, rivalry, not completing things

*  Taurus working with the earth, gardening, stamina, loyalty, stability, patient, practicality, possessive, greedy, materialistic

New Moon - gardening, staying power, persistence, working on determination and patience

Full Moon -Look for things you may be hoarding, let go of possessive, or overly materialistic attitudes

* Gemini -  flexibility, communication, letters, e-mail, writing, studying, learning, transportation, speed, flexible, scheming, scattered

New Moon - work on new communication, send new letters, e-mail, do some writing, studying, learning, work on adaptability,

Full Moon - Let go of anxious thoughts, mental chatter, and learn centering

* Cancer -home and family, feelings, emotions, protection, privacy, intuitive, security, tenacious, touchy, defensive

New Moon - Do something new with your home or family, work on intuition, 

Full Moon -Clean out your home and old habits, let go of the tendency to cling, and security fears.

* Leo - creativity, drama, children,

New Moon- Open your heart to your creations

Full Moon - Let go of things that do not express the true you

* Virgo - making lists, planning projects, diet

New Moon - Plan new schedules and plans, make new lists, start new health and exercise programs

Full Moon - Let go of self criticism, start a weight loss diet, stop eating junk food

*  Libra - social situations, restore balance and harmony,

New Moon - Notice others in a new way

Full Moon - Let go of old relationships, even in the mind
* Scorpio - Extra energy, stamina, determination, deep feelings

 New Moon - Be like the Phoenix, and fly free and high

Full Moon - Release deep wounds, need to manipulate,
* Sagittarius- Travel, education, legal problems, examinations,

New Moon - Be open to new exciting thoughts, do something you've never done before

Full Moon - release old beliefs that no longer serve you

* Capricorn - building structures, setting boundaries, work

New Moon - build new forms, goals,

Full Moon - let go of old worn out structures, responsibilities, limitations, and ways of working that no longer serve you.

* Aquarius - groups, friends, freedom

New Moon - Be open to new friendships
Full Moon - are you ready to let go of the Age of Pisces?
* Pisces - visions, dreams, stories, fantasies

New Moon - Connect with new mystical beliefs

Full Moon - Look for and let go of hidden compulsions

Void of Course Moon

It is best not to plan activities during the Void of Course Moon. To read more about the Void of Course Moon click here.

For the time of the current Void of Course Moon click here to go to the home page. The Void of Course Moons are listed in the Weekly Planets on the upper right corner of the page.

Moon Lore

Lunar Standstill

A lunar standstill is based on the measure of the highest and lowest of the Moon from the Earth during a two-week period. When the maximum difference between south and north declination of 57 is reached, a standstill occurs. The Moon is either as low as it can get in the sky, or as high as it can get. The difference in the Moon is noticeable by its size and it closeness to the Earth. Go out and look up at the sky at night. For instance, in the summer of 2006, as the Moon sinks, it looks like a huge ball, skimming the horizon.

This year (2006) is a lunar standstill year. Southern standstills for 2006 are 3/22, 5/16, 6/12, 7/9 and 9/29. The major northern standstill is 9/15/06.This happens every 18.6 years. The next standstill year will be 2025. The beginning of the September standstill is within two days of a Lunar eclipse. The 9/29 standstill is 7 days after the Solar Eclipse.

It has been found that many of the ancients set up stone structures to follow the standstills. The Anasazi  carved out a cave as a calendar of the Moon and its standstills. Callanish in the British Isles has another standstill calendar.

Standstills, like all unusual astrological events, bring intensity, powerful reactions, and sometimes extreme weather conditions. When all the aspects look decent but drastic events still occur, look to the the lunar standstill for answers.

During a standstill year, you'll notice a difference in your emotions all year, but especially at the standstills. At times they'll be unusually quiet, and at times they act up.

If you meditate or channel, there will be a difference as well, sometimes things come easily and at other times you'll feel as if you're alone. Our Moon is a satellite and amps things up. Notice how it works for you. For some people, the highest point will bring a flood of information and connection, while for others the lower points bring more. One clue is your feelings when the Moon is low, do you feel low? When the Moon is high do you soar and feel closer to spirit? Or is it vice versa? And some people frequently feel calm, but disconnected.

Notice where the standstill is in your chart, and what aspects it's making. That will be the area of your life that is highlighted.

Try to stay emotionally balanced and connect with source. Major mishaps at this time have to do with the emotions more than mental or physical errors

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