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posted April 30, 2006


What Saturn In Leo has Done So Far


Sports has been in the news with the controversy over the misuse of steroids and other strength and stamina drugs.


Hollywood movies have also followed Saturn by cutting down on the popularity of blockbusters, and the general public turning to movies with lessons, or ironic humor [a Saturn trait]. Saturn themes came out at the Academy Awards with the controversy between identity, and hard lessons, with "Breakback Mountain" and "Crash" both up for Best Picture. The identity crisis - black versus white, male versus female.


The Home Market has dropped in the US, especially the price of large houses, partially due to the increased price of heating large homes.


We have also seen the protests over war and the promise of cutbacks hopefully brining the war to an end.


Currently the price of crude oil and gold have both reached new highs, but they will be reduced drastically before Saturn leaves Leo. Articles about the end of the Gold Standard have appeared several times in the news, although this is not an important public awareness yet.



posted July 2005


Fussy old, planet, Saturn will be going into the dynamic sign Leo, on July 16, 2005. Saturn is about doing things by the book, rules and regulations, boundaries and limits, and acting like a stern, protective father. For the past two years Saturn has been in Cancer, the sign of home and security. Saturn in Cancer brought us things such as Homeland Security, and support for our troops. Saturn is all about promoting the right image, so he puts a bow on the car.


Saturn brings rewards if you work hard and get things right, or punishment if you get them wrong and don't care. Saturn is about solid foundations, [under a house, or in your life], and following the rules, [stopping at red lights]. Saturn in Leo is going to be checking out matters concerning children, children's school and schooling, sports, fun, entertainment, creativity, gambling, the stock market, personal identity, world leaders, royalty, and real estate. Recently, we saw a taste of things to come with Saturn-in-Leo, - identity theft and steroid use in sports. Saturn does not like to see rules bent or misused, so he calls for judgment.

Saturn is called the judge. He's just doing his job, and there is no emotion involved, "just the facts ma'am".


Saturn rules the skeleton in the body which holds us up and gives us our support. If any sport is causing an unusual amount of broken bones, Saturn will come in and stop it - "no bones about it".

Saturn in Leo 2005 - 2007

The entertainment field, and anything that brings us pleasure, will come under scrutiny, and this includes actors, film, theater, taverns, and nights on the town. If someone has a consistent problem with partying all night and not doing the job the next day, they're in for trouble. Saturn will think about cutting the budgets on those big, blockbuster, films. He will call attention to, and cut down, the movie industry in some way. Maybe ticket prices?? haha

The scrutiny of Saturn will apply to gambling, focusing on putting the bread back on the children's table, rather than spend it in a gambling hall. The stock market, a form of gambling, will also come up for inspection, creating rules and regulations to stop misuse and control its movements. Saturn wants order, not a roller coaster ride. Bankruptcy laws are changing because of people who use bankruptcy as their personal party planner.

Saturn wants us to be conservative and responsible. Some astrologers refer to Saturn as Santa Claus, for Saturn has a long white beard and rewards us if we are good. So for the next two years you better be good. If you are good, Santa Saturn will bring you a present.

Saturn rules time, so life should seem to slow down after July 16. Enjoy two years of a slower pace. There will be good and bad news for Mick Jagger this summer, and good news for political, muscleman, Arnold Schwarznegger in the fall. Things should go well for Tom Brady in early 2006. In 2007 we will hear more about Madonna, Robert Redford and Bill Clinton, The influence of Saturn is often seen a few months prior to the entrance into the next sign. Russian leader Putin and the Superbowl ring is an example of Saturn in Leo, for Saturn rules those in authority. If that authority is misused they will pay a price. Children lost or injured in fun activity and sports has also been in the news. The fight over the examination of the bones of a 9,300 year skeleton will come to some type of resolution.
Just as Saturn entered Leo, two of the leaders of major countries, US and Britain, came under scrutiny and it will not get easier for them.  

Saturn cuts things down such as big ticket prices in real estate investment.

Many times when Saturn goes into Leo a war will end. In the 40's it brought the end of WWII.

Saturn will be in Leo for two years. 


Review of what Saturn will affect

  • Saturn will cut down the movie industry

  • He will bring up fears about identity in self expression, and make us face who we are. 

  • We will have to pay more attention to our children, their welfare, protection and schooling

  • Fears about the stock market and other forms of gambling, and frivolous stocks will suffer, especially the movie industry, and anything to do with glamorous or overpriced items. 

  • The price of diamond and gold will be cut down or they will be held back. Oil is called Black Gold and it is being held back either intentionally or by nature affecting the price. [Saturn represents anything black and Leo represents gold]. In the long run this will be to the disadvantage of those responsible. Remember we are producing cars that are more fuel efficient and the industry knew they would have to do something about loss of revenue from fuel efficiency and eventual production of alternate fuels. 

  • Big ticket items in jewelry and adornment will lose value

  • There will be a turn to smaller homes in the real  estate market. Extravagant large homes and mansions will not sell as quickly and the prices will be reduced. 

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